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Best Games for Travel

When you and your friends and family are on a long trip, it’s always nice to have some games to take along for when you’re waiting at an airport or train station, in transit, or even just relaxing at your final destination. However, the realities of packing and travel narrow your options. Just ask anyone who has ever had a game of Risk ruined when their little brother accidentally bumped the table and sent the pieces flying, and they’ll tell you that you’ll want games that don’t rely on large numbers of tiny pieces to be subject to sudden movements.

Have another game you love to travel with?  Comment below, and our editors will consider adding it to our list!

1. Magnetic Chess, Checkers, Backgammon 3-in-1!

 3 in 1 Magnetic Chess, Checkers, Backgammon

This nifty travel kit allows you to play checkers, chess, and backgammon anywhere you please. The magnetized pieces are a great feature for keeping the pieces in order, even on a bumpy road or turbulent flight.

2. BananaGrams

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BananaGrams is like Scrabble at light speed! From the minute the game starts to the moment the last letter is used, the pressure is on to create the biggest crossword grid! No board required, this game is great for families on the go.

3. Ingenius Travel Edition

Ingenious: Travel Edition

This 2-player abstract strategy game got rave reviews from the gaming community on, winning a nomination for Best 2-Player Game of 2007. Originally popularized in Europe, this game’s depth provides satisfying gameplay for even the most demanding travelers.

4. Playing Cards

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OK, so playing cards may not be a board game. But from solitaire to spades, there are few ways to pass as much time with as little suitcase space as with a deck of cards.

5. Yahtzee To Go

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According to Wikipedia, over 50 million Yahtzee sets are sold each year. The game’s enduring popularity since its invention in the 1940s can be attributed to fast gameplay, straightforward strategy, and the thrill of getting a lucky roll and shouting YAHTZEE!